Michael McManmon, Ed. D.

About Michael


I grew up the youngest son in a family of nine with multiple individuals with Learning Differences, ASD, mental health issues, and addictions. My grandmother committed suicide in our home when I was six and five of my siblings committed suicide over the last 30 years.

I used art to escape in my home, sitting at the dining room table. It gave me a lot of perspective in life. I have worked hard to become an open loving man. I have used just about every means of recovery, to slowly transform in the last 30 years. My artwork and writing express my sense of freedom.

I love being a father to my six children and  a grandfather my 19 grandchildren. I continue to be active in art, writing, gardening, swimming, pickleball and traveling.


I developed an interest in Psychology and Special Education while growing up in a household with many siblings with Learning Differences, ASD, Mental health problems and addictions.

For the last 50 years I have worked with students in various settings. My primary interests are:

  • To create programs for young adults to become fully functioning in the world
  • To create curriculum that will support them in doing this.

I received a BA in English, an MS Counseling, an MA in Human Development and an ED.D. in Special Education. I was subsequently licensed as a Psychologist. In 1984 I founded the College Internship Program that has five campuses across the U.S.

I have written four books on Learning Differences and ASD and  a memoir. I am currently working on three novels and a screenplay.